1. My Uncle Eric MacMillan, was a Boy Bugler of the Canadian
    Expeditionary Force during World War I.

    He was near the front in France when he turned 16 years of

    Louis MacMillan and his wife Zoe, had to have a smile on their
    faces when the Canadian Army discoved his young age and
    sent him home.

    Eric was the eldest of eight children.

High School Army Cadets

     I must have liked High School, because I spent more years going there than lots of other kids I knew. Oh well. It introduced me to Army Cadets. At first, I was required, like every boy at school, to be a member of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. The W. D. Lowe Technical High School in Windsor, Ontario was Cadet Corps # 1112. Ontario.  With 1,000 Cadets it was the largest Corps in Canada. I was in it from 1959 to 1961.

     In 1963 and 1963, I became involved as a young leader in Cadet Corps # 1086 of the W. F. Herman H.S. in 1962 and 1963.
Windsor Police Service

1963 to 1998
The Windsor Regiment (RCAC)

1959 to 1984
Bren Gunn joined The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) 17 Sep 59. I was a Corporal instructor at Camp Ipperwash for the summer of 1961 and 1962. 
Bren Gunn joined The Windsor Police Service
17 Jun 63 as a Police Cadet. In 1967 Canada's Centennial year, as a Constable, I instructed drill and firearms training at the Ontario Police College.
15 Feb 73 to 17 Jun 75 - Regimental Sergeant Major of The Windsor Regiment (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps)
1973 - Drum Major Bren Gunn with Chief of Police Gordon Preston inspecting the Windsor Police Pipe Band at Windsor Raceway. My years with the band was an experience not to miss; not to mention that it was a lot of fun.

I was amazed and proud of the WPPB in 2006 when it competed in Grade 1. It came a long way and continues.

Well done lads! 
Staff Inspector Bren Gunn turned in his old pistol and handcuffs and retired from the Windsor Police Service  on 30 Jun 98, having completed 35 years of faithful and decicated service: as the famous Constable Jack Moxon would have said.

Commanding the Patrol Division was my privilege. 

To Serve and Protect
Major Bren Gunn hung-up his old sabre and spurs, effective 16 Dec 84, after serving 25 years with The Windsor Regiment, (read for God and Country and add a smile if you like)

Commanding A Sguadron, with Cougar armoured fighting vehicles at the time, with callsign one-niner and all that, was my privilege.

Semper Paratus  
Bren ~ The Uniform Guy

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1961 - Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major
W.D. Lowe Technical High School

    Bren - Second from the left.
War Years for the Gunner

      Bren Eric Gunn was born on 15 January 1943 at Windsor, Ontario, Canada; the first of two sons to Orville John Gunn and Ruth Ione Gunn, nee MacMillan.

     In the years to follow, many people have commented on my name; like, your Mother must have had a good sense of humour and your Father must have been in the Army. Both were true.

     My being comfortable with uniforms started early. During the Second World War my father was a Lance Corporal in the Canadian Provost Corps. He did not serve overseas, but did perform guard duty in Windsor. I recall seeing Dad wearing kakki summer dress. I enjoyed the first time sitting in a jeep, but Dad didn't. It was parked in our driveway when I managed to climb into it and blasted the horn. Dad yelled at me to stop from an upstairs window. Years later I figured out that the horn blowing had stopped Dad's visit with Mom.
1963 - Cadet Lieutentant-Colonel
W.F. Herman High School
Being congratulated by Lt-Col Arn Harrison, CD, then Commanding Officer of The Windsor
Regiment (RCAC)
The 1960s were served as a Sergeant and Staff Sergeant. The Regiment was Reconnaisance and Armoured (Tanks).

Bren - right WR Guidon Party
The 1970s were served as a Platoon Sergeant and Staff Sergeant.
1995 - Having a fascinating 20th wedding anniversary cruise with Bogda. She's the Captain.

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2. My Father Orville John Gunn aka OJ, rear centre with
    Uncle Basil MacMillan next right.

    Both at Canadian Provost Corps Training Course # 8,
    Camp Borden, Ontario 1943.

3. My Uncle Garnet Gunn, left, with the RCAF, Cousin
    Catherine, Uncle Raymond's daughter, between her two
    uncles, and OJ at the Gunn family farm 1944.

4. Bren's Gunn's first Christmas with Dad & Mom at home
    971 Lawrence Road Windsor, ON.

5. Bren age 9 & Richard age 6 aka the Hop-A-Long
    Cassady Kids,Christmas 1951.

    My brother, who I love, is often at my side and
    another uniform guy.

6. Richard - a Cub & Bren - a  Scout of Pack 16, St. Paul's
    United Church 1957.