Clan Gunn in Canada
    This section features the decendents of John Gunn and his wife Annie who emegrated from England to Canada, circa 1828.
Aut Pax - Aut Bellum
Either Peace or War
Miseris Succurre - Re Disco
Misery Loves Company
                                        Aut Pax - Aut Bellum = Either Peace or War

    In 1828 John Gunn and his wife Annie (nee Shillingford) with their five children, emigrated from Buckingham, England to start a new life in North America. They lived for two years at Ann Arbor, Michigan before settling on a farm three miles from Jackson, Michigan. Seeing and dealing with "wild Indians" were common in that part of the Michigan Territory. John and Annie Gunn had two more sons, both born in the Michigan Territory. Their last child was born on 12 Feb 1835 and named John Gunn.
    In 1847 young John Gunn, 12 years old, moved to Sandwich South, Essex County, Ontario, to live with his oldest sister Mary and her husband John Jessop. John Gunn purchased 130 acres of farmland on Lots 3 and 4, in the County of Essex. On 23 Jan 1862 John Gunn, then 27 years old, married Mary Vollans, born in 1839 at Sandwich East, in the County of Essex. The Gunn's were active members of the community, including the help to build St. Stephen's Anglican Church and Cemetery at 5280 Howard Avenue, now in Tecumseh. John and Mary Gunn had eight children.

    John and Mary Gunn's seventh child was born on 15 Oct 1874 and named John Gunn. About 1900 John Gunn came to marry Harriet, aka Hattie, Thrasher, born in the Sandwich area as well, on 06 Jan 1876. They settled on part of the senior Gunn's property on Huron Lane Road, where they grew grain and live stock. John and Hatti Gunn had five sons.

    Their second son, Orville John Gunn was born on 09 Apr 1907. Orville John, aka Bing to some and OJ to others, married Ruth Ione MacMillan, of the Clan MacMillan, on 26 Jun 1941, at St. Paul's United Church, at Windsor, Ontario. Orville and Ruth Gunn purchased 971 Lawrence Road, Windsor, ON in 1946. Lawrence Road had been home to Lewis and Zoe MacMillan since the early 1920s. Prior to World War II Orville John Gunn helped on the Gunn farm on Huron Line Road and after being discharged from the Canadian Army, started a 26 year career with Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery (1947 - 1972). OJ was a licenced stationary engineer at Hiram Walker's until retiring at 65 years of age. Orville and Ruth Gunn had two sons. Bren Eric Gunn, born 15 Jan 1943 and Richard Bruce Gunn, born 01 Jun 1946.

    Bren Gunn married Boguslawa, aka Bogda, Maria Szostopal on 27 Sep 1975 at Holy Trinity Church, in the heart of the Polish community, in the City of Windsor, ON. Bogda is the second child of the late Walter and Henrika Szostopal, who emigrated from the City of Ustka, Province of Stupsk, Poland in 1972. The Szostopal family lived at 123 Hall Avenue, Windsor, ON. Bogda practiced as a licenced Dental Hygienist from1977 to 2013, or as I proudly say: a tooth polisher by trade. Bren Gunn was a police officer with the City of Windsor for 35 years (1963 - 1998). Bren also served as a Reservist for 25 years, in The Windsor Regimant (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps) from 1959 - 1964. Bren and Bogda Gunn had three children.

Their third child named John Alexander Gunn was born on 30 Oct 1985, at the City of Windsor, ON.

Talk about a-son-of-a-gun, eh?

My Grandfather
John Gunn
    John and Harriet Gunn's fourth son, Meryl Ivan, married Mae Bennett. Meryl and Mae had a boy and girl. Their son Craighton William (Bill) Gunn and his wife Susan also named their second son John Gunn. He was born 01 May 1965.

Catherine Anne Gunn, my cousin, did most of the Genealogical Research on the Clan Gunn.
Miseris Succerrere Disco = I learn to succour the unfortunate

(Succour - interpretation - assist, especially, in time of need.)

    If the title here looks familiar, you may be from the heart of Canada. It's the motto of Ontario. United Empire Loyalists had integrial influences on forming Upper Canada in 1791 and beyond. John MacMillan, his wife Mary, and their three children emigrated from Lochaber, aka Fort William, in the County of Glengarry, Scotland to North America in 1797 - give or take ten years. John was from Lochaber and Mary from Ross-Shire. The circumstances of the MacMillan side of my family settling in Lochiel, in the County of Glengarry, Ontario seem obvious. John MacMillan being a soldier or U. E. Loyalist is not as clear. Yet.
   Land grants of 200 acres were awarded to loyal soldiers and pioneers upon Petition. The British Government maintained Treasury Lists of Loyalists; however, the granting of Petitions could be slow and incomplete, just as trying to get those records today prove. Many U. E. Loyalists moving from the 13 colonies of the United States after independance of 1776, to Canada, found surviving in the new wilderness unbarable. England was forced to rescue many pioneers using sailing ships like the "Myrtle" and "Ann," circa 1792.  Some "regrouped" and returned to Canada to try it again. This seems to be the path John MacMillan followed. For further details about Loyalists Petitions for Land Grants, see Brenda Dougall Merriman's articles at: (click)

    John and Mary MacMillan's son Ewin was born in Scotland in 1786. Ewin came to marry Catherine, also of the Clan MacMillan, but born in Canada, from pioneer stock. On 10 Jun 1814, Ewin MacMillan, at the age of 28, purchased, without grant, 200 acres of land, Lot 11, Cons. 6 at Kenyon, Upper Canada from a John Mutchmore. Ewin and his wife Catherine MacMillan had six children.

    Angus MacMillan, the third child, was born 15 Jul 1823 at Lockiel, ON. On 08 Apr 1856 Angus married Christine Ross at Lockiel, ON. They had 10 children.

    Angus and Christine's fifth child, Lewis Lawrence MacMillan, was born 13 May 1868 at Quigley's Corners, Lot 19, Cons. 3, Lochiel, aka Maxville, ON.

In 1872 the Angus and Christine MacMillan family moved to Lot 20, Cons. 5, Christie Township, ON. Christie Twp. is in the Perry Sound area, the Eastern coast of Georgian Bay. Angus and Christine MacMillan's youngest child, Angus William MacMillan, born 13 Feb 1896 at Christie Township, showed his loyalty to Canada. Angus was a soldier in World War I, where he suffered a wound to his leg. Angus became a sucessful lawyer and Magistrate in the City of Windsor. On 17 Jun 1963, Angus MacMillan, being my third cousin, swore me in as a Police Cadet for the Windsor Police Service. Amazing but true.

Lewis L. MacMillan, married Zoe Cromarty on 26 Jul 1898. Zoe was born on 08 May 1875 at Port Dover, Ontario. Lewis and Zoe MacMillan had their first child, Eric Johns, on 09 Nov 1900, while they lived at Lot 52 Cons.1, Assiginack Twp., Manitoulin Island, ON. This lad was to become the bugler in World War I mentioned earlier. Eric MacMillan married Anne Cox 01 Dec 1926 at Windsor, ON. Eric and Anne had two children. Their son Eric Ross MacMillan, was born 04 Oct 1929 at Walkerville, (Windsor), ON. Both father and son were police officers for a short time: Eric J. - Ontario Provincial Police, and E. Ross - Windsor Police Service.

Around 1903 Lewis and Zoe MacMillan, moved to Cartier, near Sudbury, ON. My Grampa Mac owned a General Store, in Cartier. The store or modern trading post was devoted, one day a week, to trade with the local native Indians. Mr. Mac used his horse and wagon, year round, to deliver supplies to lumber camps in the northern area. Everyone knew who lived in the only brick house in Cartier. About 1920 the home suffered a bad fire, caused by lightning. The MacMillans moved to Windsor, to be close to sons Eric and Basil who worked on the Canadian Pacfic Railroad. By 1924 the family purchased the residence at 129 Lawrence Road, East Windsor, ON. Lewis Lawrence MacMillan, took an obvious liking to living on Lawrence Road. After Windsor amalgamated East Windsor in 1935 the address was changed to 971 Lawrence Road. Lewis seen as a jolly-old-fellow, visiting at a friend's cottage, left, ran an ice cream store in Amherstburg, not far from Fort Malden, ON.

Ruth Ione MacMillan, the seventh child of Lewis and Zoe, was born in Cartier on 31 Oct 1913. My mother graduated from Walkerville high school and London General Hospital (St. Thomas) in nursing. Ruth MacMillan, R.N. worked  at Metropolitan General Hospital, Operating Room. Orville, of the Clan Gunn, and Ruth Gunn had two sons, as mentioned above.
   I am pleased to add, especially since I am retired, that most of the Gunn and MacMillan clansmen I have met, have been on the lawful side of the judicial system. Examples: Angus W. MacMillan, 3rd Cousin - Judge, Provincial Courts (Ont); Eric MacMillan, Uncle - Constable, Ontario Provincial Police; his son Ross, Cousin - Constable, Windsor Police Service; Orville Gunn, Father - LCpl, Cdn,Pro Corps; Carl W. Farrow, Uncle - Chief, Windsor Police Service; and Ronald MacMillan, Cousin - Detective, Windsor Police Service

Thanks Uncle Carl for looking over me.
The North American Pipe Band Championships have been held at the Glengarry Highland Games since 1948.

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My Grandfather
Lewis MacMillan
    This section features the decendents of John MacMillan and his wife Mary who emegrated from Scotland to Canada, circa 1797.
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